2016 Rio Olympics and Home Inspections


2016 Rio Olympics + Home Inspections


The 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio are in full swing and, believe it or not, home inspections can be related to the Olympics. The judges in the Olympics, at least. What we sit on our couches and watch is hundreds of talented individuals perform to win medals, entertain us, and be judged in their respective sport. What goes into that judging, though? We see a gymnast complete a triple back flip, a swimmer go back and forth in the pool twice, a cool dive in the sand during volleyball, but what actually factors into these people win gold, silver, or bronze medals? How did they still win, when their routine wasn’t perfect?

They’re being judged on so much more than how it looks to the audience; they’re being judged on stamina, speed, routine difficulty, execution, finish, time, form, performance – and those are just what I can think of off the top of my head.Print

Now, imagine that your home is the Olympian and myself – as the home inspector – is the judge. To start, you wouldn’t want just anyone to be the judge. This is why it’s important to hire a Certified Home Inspector. I’m sure Michael Phelps and Aly Raisman don’t want a burger flipper at McDonald’s determining whether they win gold or not. You have to have a judge that knows what they’re talking about – they have to understand everything that goes into what they’re judging. That’s how I am when I inspect your home – I have to know what I’m talking about and I have to understand what goes into your home systems so I can judge the Olympian – your home – properly.

Similar to the Olympian being judged on a plethora of different things, your home is also being judged on many, many things. It is my job as the judge to make sure that your home is judged fairly, despite some flaws that may be present. While no Olympian – or home – is perfect or can always execute everything perfectly, it is important to know that just because there was an extra step at the landing of that triple back flip, or your kitchen needs to be re-done, that it does not qualify that Olympian to be scored a zero, or mean your home will fail the inspection.

When selecting the judge for your future home, you have an advantage over Olympians – you can choose your judge. You can choose the person that will pay attention to every important aspect of how your home functions, you can choose the person that you can trust, and you can choose the person that won’t disqualify the biggest purchase you will ever make of your life over a minimal fix; you can choose Up Close Home Inspection.